Happy New Year 2014!

Wow! 2013 has finally gone and a new year has been launched and it’s loaded with so many content marketing and copywriting surprises…

Oops… I almost forgot this post is meant to be a new year message and not one of those content to blow up your mind! So here is the very first thing I was suppose to say:

Happy New Year 2014!!!

happy new yearI feel so happy writing this post because I have the privilege of communicating once again with the awesome people who I hardly joke with, and that would be you! Yes, and I wish to say this, from the bottom of my heart I’d like to wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

Even though Content Practical Media came into full existence in 2013, it has been able to record tremendous results and endorsements from some content marketing and copywriting leaders. Something I will say wouldn’t have been possible without your readership, comments and referrals. Thank you once again…

In addition to the above, your feedback has helped me develop custom-built solutions to help small businesses reach their marketing goals, at prices you can afford.

In this year 2014, I am looking at a greater height which we are going to attain. My brain is already buzzing with ideas and I can’t really wait to start sharing with you the future of content marketing and copywriting in 2014.

In these few days, I have been busy reading and digesting the predictions of content marketing in 2014 and also set my ears on some comments and predictions made by content marketing experts around the globe. 

We will be having a wonderful content marketing year, and believe me when I say that content marketing has blown up and will be booming like never before.

With all these in your mind, I would like to leave you with these wishes:

  • Success in reaching each of your business goals and
  • A magical year of new potential and business growth.

See you at the top!

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