5 Quick Things You Can Do This Week To Fix Bad Content Marketing

fix bad content marketingThe question has always been –  how best can I tell if my content marketing approach is working?

Let me start by saying this – you are a content creator, and each week you write and write, post and post and then publishes a bunch of articles with no returns of appreciative words from your customers, no interactions and not even a comment to compliment the hours you put in producing the content.

What then does this signify? I guess the answer is crystal clear and simple…

You are doing bad content marketing or what I like to call poor content practice! And so you need to hear this and you also need to start fixing your bad content marketing right away.

The truth is that it doesn’t really matter how you drive traffic to your blog or the number of targeted visitors who stumbles on your blog, what matters is how convertible you make them to be, because the business of content marketing is never complete until there is a conversion – when a visitor becomes a reader and a real buyer.

There are so many reasons why your long time invested content aren’t getting the results you seek. The saying which says “There is no smoke without fire” is really the scenario here and this is exactly what content marketing preaches.

There is no way you can increase your marketing ROI without firing up your content and doing marketing practices tailored to helping you stay on top of your game.

I really want you to get your bad content marketing fixed starting from this week, so here is the thing – I will be sharing with you some quick ways to fix bad content marketing.

Now let’s get this thing started:

#1: No-Niche and No-Goal Writing?

Do you have content marketing goals? If you have, how many are they? Or are you picking every single thing you see for your goals and objectives? What actually is your niche?

The market is very huge, and as a content creator, sometimes you feel blending with the modern copywriting business is the ultimate.

There are so much out there to be written on and sometimes writing on multiple topics has a way of adding some cool bucks to your wallet, but is No-Niche and No-Goal Writing what you really desire for your content marketing business?

Action Step to Take This Week

Pick a niche and make it easier for people to figure out what your writing is all about and who you write for.

My article on 50 Questions That Helps You Define Your Target Market is a quick fix you will never want to mix.

This article will help you read the minds of your customers, clients and prospects. You will know what they always want to read or hear so you can be sure you are writing the right stuff and for the right consumers.

#2: Non-Persuasive Content Headlines?

A very popular and in fact a primary bad content marketing practice that is almost crippling the efforts of content writers is non-clickable and non-conversational headlines.

As a content marketer, your primary job is to write a copy that has irresistibly headlines. By irresistibly headlines I mean copies which an average client whose interest in your writing is less than 50% and would still be persuaded to click on the title on a first discovery of your content to check it out.

Action Step to Take This Week

Headlines are very important in your content marketing efforts. So always take a break when crafting one.

The ideal thing would be to take a look at any content you’re publishing this week, be it blog posts, email newsletter articles, videos, etc., and then ask of yourself of the benefits which your audience would likely get from the content or benefits which they (your clients) would like to get from reading or listening to your sermon and then wisely integrate one of the key benefits into your headline.

#3: Non-Customer Content (YOU YOU Content)

Another bad content marketing you must fix this week is the content that reads “You You Content!”

The “You You Content” is a content that talks only about you and nothing else but you. The simple truth is that your personal life story does not really matter much to your customers when it comes to delivering. Although in most cases, personal life stories especially those that connects to the success road of your clients does the job, but over usage of it becomes a bad content marketing.

What your customers go after is their present challenges and they always look for how to either solve or control the problems.

Action Step to Take This Week

Always make sure you stick to the primary reason of content marketing which is – connecting with prospects and converting them into real buyers.

Offer something meaty in your content and always make sure you focus your attention and strength on your customers’ pain points and create content around that. This is for sure a win-win practice!

#4: NOT Leveraging the Power of Guest Blogging

No matter how you look at it, as a content marketer, you are nothing different from a blogger. In fact, there won’t really be effective content marketing without active blogging.

The idea behind content marketing is providing content that can capture, convince and convert prospects into becoming real buyers. If you ask me, there is no better way to get the words out there other than blogging.

Now blogging is an industry, under it there are other categories or forms of blogging of which the most popular is “guest blogging.”

If I may refresh your mind on what guest blogging is all about it simply means – stepping out of your comfort zone and stepping into another man’s comfort zone to offer your knowledge base articles or marketing strategies (based on your niche)

Let me ask you this simple question – have you really been guest blogging? if your answer is NO, then permit me to say this – you are not YET ready for this business called “content marketing!”

You have all these while been doing a bad content marketing and now is the time to say NO to bad content marketing…

Action Step to Take This Week

You need to find out where your prospects hang out on the web and then be active in those communities or platforms.

In one of my articles, I told a story of how guest blogging helped me grow my small business.You need to start sharing your content marketing ideas with other blogs in your niche. Please take note of the words I underlined, I didn’t say guest post on any blog but on blogs in your niche.

Sharing your content on blogs in your niche is another smart way of connecting with fellow bloggers, content marketers, Copywriters and so on.

Take some time to find out those blogs where your content marketing articles will sell in terms of attracting the attention of their readers and possibly luring them into clicking on your author bio link.

The thing is this – for a very effective and strategic guest post you write, you stand a chance of capturing new leads to your blog. Once you have them, then the business of content marketing can proceed further on your blog.

#5: No Call to Action Content Writing

In the business of copywriting and content marketing, call to action is paramount to your success; in fact it does the work of an ingredient in your food.

A call to action simply means – a demand or directional words to compel or smartly persuade a reader to either sign up for your email list, buy a product, download an ebook, register for an online course, or join in an ongoing conversation, etc.

These three words have so far proven to work in an effective content marketing. The idea is very simple – ask and you shall receive. But you need to ask wisely and smartly!

Action Step to Take This Week

Remember the concept is – ask and you shall receive.

As a smart content writer, you are in charge of your content especially when it makes sense to your readers.

Make it clear to them by telling them what you desire of them to do. In most cases, the highest you will ask of them is to sign up for your email list, buy a product, download an ebook, register for an online course, or join in an ongoing conversation, etc.

Action words you can use include:

  1. Click here to sign up for our awesome email course.
  2. Download the content marketing ebook for free.
  3. Join my on going online course for free!
  4. Free course: Double your traffic in 30 days!
  5. Explosive content creation ideas revealed! Click here to get your FREE copy.

Summary of Your Home Work This Week

  • Pick a niche and make it easier for people to figure out what your writing is all about and who you write for.
  • Headlines are very important in your content marketing efforts. So always take a break when crafting one.
  • Always make sure you stick to the primary reason of content marketing which is – connecting with prospects and converting them into real buyers.
  • Find out where your prospects hang out on the web and then be active in those communities or platforms – guest blogging is the answer.
  • Always use the concept of “Ask and you shall receive” – clear call to action on every single page on your blog.

Over to You!

Have you implemented any of these fixes in your content marketing business? Which one of them do you think brings about high conversion rate? Which are you going to start with this week? Let’s get the discussion started…

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  1. Amber Daniels says:

    Hey Jackson,

    What a quality and well researched article you’ve written here. All the 5 fixes are applicable and I am on my way to getting my content marketing right this time using these fixes.

    Thanks once again for sharing this wonderful article with us.


  2. Hello Amber,
    Thanks for such an awesome comment. I am really glad you found this content helpful.

    Jackson Nwachukwu recently posted…50 Questions That Helps You Define Your Target MarketMy Profile

  3. Hello,

    Content marketing is really important to drive more traffic from other sources. The tips you’ve mentioned are really helpful.

    thanks for sharing.
    Singh recently posted…What are the Benefits of Using a Unified Email Management System?My Profile

  4. Jackson,

    Its nice to be over at your place again. How time flies! Its more than two months since my last visit!!

    I must agree with you on all points. I’m particularly fascinated with the issue of non catchy headlines you mentioned. If you don’t ‘package it well’, who will be interested? Funnily, ‘packaging’ in the business of content creation is the headline.

    Thanks for sharing this, have a great week- and please, write more often.

    - Terungwa
    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…HOW TO USE AN ANDROID PHONE TO SCAN AND EDIT DOCUMENTSMy Profile

  5. Persuasive headlines are pretty much a clickbait. So make sure that your compelling headline matches your content. Otherwise……
    Aras Androck recently posted…NubriMy Profile

  6. “…connecting with prospects and converting them into real buyers…” is a statement of fact and I agree this should be one of the primary reason for content marketing.

    To fix bad content marketing, its important to have this mindset and I am sure it would guide one in all the five mistakes (things) to be corrected as described in this article.

    A very helpful blog post I must remark!

    I have shared this comment in kingged.com – the content syndication,social aggregation website where this post was shared and bookmarked.

    Sunday – kingged.com

    Sunday recently posted…How to Easily Share Large Files Using Google DriveMy Profile

  7. Non-Persuasive Content Headlines – Your headline should impress your audience. Without a compelling promise that turns a browser into a reader, the rest of your words may as well not even exist. They say that writing great headline is such a critical skill.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social bookmarking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.
    metz recently posted…4 Tips to Effectively Localize Your Search MarketingMy Profile

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