4 Ways to Create an Information Product with ZERO Expertise (Part 1)

create an information product

Do you really need to be an expert in information marketing before you can create your own information product? The answer is"NO" and I am bent on showing you in this article that you can easily create your first information product with ZERO expertise, rather you will be leveraging the expertise of others who are already making it big time in your niche. One of the greatest tool used in information marketing industry is "INFORMATION PRODUCT." This two words joined together forms the basics … [Read more...]

5 Keys to Writing and Selling Short Reports

writing short reports

Short reports no doubt have remained one of the coldest and yet booming aspect of information marketing that puts some good dollars in your pocket. I have in the past few months experienced the goodness of selling information products like that of short reports, and I can boldly say that the time invested into it was worth it... So here is the thing - I would like you to join me in this business of writing short reports. Yes! that's why I have changed some things about this blog. I am now … [Read more...]

5 Actionable Ways to Connect with Your Customers


When it comes to customer loyalty or connecting with customers, so many things are involved. The business strategies you use in most cases plays little or no role in driving your sales or bringing about repeat customers, but what matters most is the actions you take! Another sentence you can use to describe the above topic is “customer retention.” Before I proceed, I would like to inform you that the personal touch which your customers receive from your business revolves round you and your … [Read more...]

Happy New Year 2014!

happy new year

Wow! 2013 has finally gone and a new year has been launched and it's loaded with so many content marketing and copywriting surprises... Oops... I almost forgot this post is meant to be a new year message and not one of those content to blow up your mind! So here is the very first thing I was suppose to say: Happy New Year 2014!!! I feel so happy writing this post because I have the privilege of communicating once again with the awesome people who I hardly joke with, and that would be … [Read more...]

5 Quick Things You Can Do This Week To Fix Bad Content Marketing

fix bad content marketing

The question has always been -  how best can I tell if my content marketing approach is working? Let me start by saying this – you are a content creator, and each week you write and write, post and post and then publishes a bunch of articles with no returns of appreciative words from your customers, no interactions and not even a comment to compliment the hours you put in producing the content. What then does this signify? I guess the answer is crystal clear and simple… You are doing … [Read more...]

50 Questions That Helps You Define Your Target Market

get more customers

Need more customers? Ask yourself, “Who am I Target Marketing?” Let me quickly drop the intelligent quote made by Robert Hisrich, the director of the Walker Center for Global Entrepreneurship, which says: "We often overestimate the market size, and in many cases there may not be one at all," The very simple truth you must know is that the business of conversion is only achievable when you launch an effective content marketing strategy to your target market. The question will then be – what … [Read more...]

20 Practical Ways To Get More Leads For Your Email List

lead generation

Are you looking for proven ways to get more leads for your email list? If this is your nightmare, then permit me to tell you that you are not alone… In fact, this is one challenge every business is battling and finding practical and workable ways to stay on top of it is what every other online marketer like you is doing right now, so welcome to the club! Email marketing has undoubtedly remained one of the surest ways to drive traffic as well as increase sales. A US email marketing … [Read more...]

6 Blog Marketing Strategies To Supercharge Your Online Presence


I am damn certain you are really in need of blog marketing tips to promote your blog and possibly take it to the next level! This explains the reason why you clicked on this post the first time. Just to let you know, this post is going to be pretty long, so sit tight because you are going to unveil some good secrets of blog marketing strategies you probably have not known before now. If this is your wish, then it’s not bad at all, it’s actually what you are meant to do as a content writer and … [Read more...]

21 Creative Content Writing Prompts to Help You Fight Writer’s Block


Over the weekend, I decided to package a simple and practical content writing resource tips which I wanted sharing with you today being the 1st of October and which happens to be my country's 53rd anniversary day! I prefer to call this resource a quick content practical report because it touches on virtually all the reasons why you see writing as a dilemma. So, if you have actually been wondering when you will learn how to get fresh ideas for writing compelling content capable of engaging … [Read more...]

How to Write a Highly Converting Guest Post Landing Page


One of the must do for every guest blogger trying to drive traffic and create a brand is writing a killer and compelling guest post landing page. Recommended reading: How to Create a Must Click Byline or Guest Author Bio That Converts Just before we continue, take a look at the infographic below and tell me what you see on it later in comments: Guess the above infographic summarizes what an landing page that converts looks like? Now let's go my own way! Before I get started sharing … [Read more...]